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HIV, a True Killer



Ever since I can remember, I have always known that HIV is something serious and in the long run can end up killing you. I remember learning about it in middle school and a little bit more in high school. I was showed different movies about it and I feel that since I still remember all this at age 22, then I think the NY school district did a really good job in getting that into my head. So, I have always had a pretty good mindset on HIV. But this video that i watched in class gave me a lot more insight on this.

I never knew any statistics to HIV or anything dealing with South Florida since I just moved here but, finding out that Miami has the highest rate of HIV really says a lot. It really shows that people have to be extra careful all the time and you can’t trust anybody.It also tells me that either some people are just dumb or they just don’t care to take precaution and in the long run screw themselves because they are not careful enough.

Seeing some people going to South Africa and be able to see all this mess going on over there dealing with HIV is something that I think had to be done. Seeing many people over there suffer with HIV is a way for people here to understand that it could be a lot worse and it could still get worse if we don’t take percussion on this. When I saw how happy that mother was knowing that her child did not have HIV, it just shows how important it is.

It seems like more younger women are affected than younger men. I think women have to try a lot harder and not give into an older guy to have sex with him. I personally don’t understand how  certain people can just ask someone if they are HIV positive and when they say “no”, then your just good with that. Not everyone is going to tell the truth and you got to go beyond just asking that question. Put forth more effort. There is  a lot of scumbags out there who don’t care about infecting people with HIV and another obvious thing, just wear a condom. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.


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  1. katrinabruno says:

    You bring up a good point about the different pressures women and men face when it comes to sex. I do, however, sort-of blame women for not always having enough of a backbone to always say no and constantly thinking that bad things won’t happen to them. Since graduating high school in 2008, I consistently learn about different girls who I associated with who now are pregnant, have children or have STD’s – and I associate these instances with the fact that everyone of these girls probably thought at one point “it won’t happen to me.” With that being said, men and women both need to hold a higher sense of responsibility not ask to have unprotected sex unless they, and their partner, consistently get tested.

    Very well written response to the video 🙂

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