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Since I just moved here in September and really know nothing about South Florida yet, I will do this writing on my home town. Mexico New York. I grew up in a small town outside of Syracuse. The main attraction in this town is the local grocery store and McDonald’s. Here is a little information about the town that I got from Wikipedia. “Mexico is a town in the northeast part of Oswego County, New York, United States. The population was 5,181 at the 2000 census.The town contains a village, also called Mexico. NY 104 Main Street passes through the village. NY 69 passes through the town of Mexico and comes to an end in the village, where it intersects with NY 104. US Route 11 also passes through the town.”

If I was going to be covering something in such a small town like this I think I would make my focus on what the teenagers like to do after school. The high school that I attended is located right in the middle of town and for the most part, once school ends for the day the students like to all hang out outside of school. When I was still in school, most people would either all go to the local community park and hang out or when winter came most students would go to a local ice cream shop and hangout there for a few hours. The problem now is that both places were now closed down. The town park was bought by some major company and the ice cream shop is no longer in business. This also generates problems for everyone.

With students now not having anywhere to go, it seems like more teens around Mexico are getting  into drugs. It seems like kids just go to anyone’s house to hang out or they just like to walk the streets and in a small town that’s not a bad thing but, at times you run into some other students or adults who do drugs and one thing leads to another. Since I left high school, more and more students

are smoking weed and cigarettes much more than they were back in 2007. My story would focus on some of the better ways for teens in this small town to not only be able to have a fun and safe place to go after school but to be able to make the right decisions.

To understand where I am coming from, my mother works in the high school and the number of students who are getting suspended in school for having drugs in their locker or for being caught smoking has gone up. Students are also being arrested for possession of the drugs and are facing severe consequences. I really think that if the students had a place to go after school and spend their free time, I think it could help these students make better decisions.


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