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Watergate Scandal

There are many moments in history that people remember in this country and the media has always played a major role. Take a look at some of the past wars, many people had no idea what to imagine what could be going on but the media really painted a picture for people and the media really  plays a vital role in many big moments. The media has a big effect of this country and Watergate was greatly effected by the way the media tore it all apart.

Watergate was such a different time in America. It was the first time the president was under such fire and two journalists were the reason he was under such fire and if it was not for them, then people may not have found any of this information out. The two reporters were Bon Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Two guys were just randomly thrown together by the Washington post. But, history tells us that they made one hell of a team. When a burglary took place, this is what really got the media to investigate everything.


When no one else wanted anything  to do with  with President Nixon, the Washington post continued to get this story and get all the facts right. The 2 reporters on this case become one. Woodstein was their nickname. They exposed that this burglary was much more than that. They reported that Nixon’s reelection strategy was based on him playing dirty games. They really showed that this was a whole scandal and there was a secrete fund controlled by the presidents closest aide.

These two reporters did many things in order to get the facts of this story. They would knock on doors, make phone calls, they would beg, lie, and even sometimes broke the law. They tried getting info from someone on the jury of this case and if they obtained the info,  they could have gone to jail. This whole thing brought about a pissed off President Nixon and he wanted to take them down. He made it almost impossible for the local florida TV stations to renew their licenses. They had to pay lots of money and it took lots of time to really get it done.

Even with all these things going on,Woodstein did not slow down at all and they kept trying to get all the facts.  And as history tells, they were proved right and Nixon would eventually be the first president to ever resign. The reporters got their story. Now, comparing these 2 guys to someone like Sam Adams, I think the difference was that they didn’t make up stories. Even with their backs up against the wall, they kept chipping away to get the truth and even when people did not believe them, they did not give up and people finally found out the truth. Sam Adams didn’t seem to care about the “truth” as much as he cared for just a great story that people would want to read.

Woodstein went at this story head first. The way they got the information shows “good” journalism to me. They did not take no for an answer and they made sure to only report the facts. Even if sometimes they had to break the law or piss somebody off, the team known as Woodstein impacted history as we know it today and I think they did a great job in showing the American people the truth.


Muckracking At its best

Muckraker is defined as a reporter or writer who investigates and publishes truthful reports involving a host of social issues, broadly including crime and corruption and often involving elected officials, political leaders and influential members of business and industry.

Muckrakers became a really big deal in the United States and it really affected this country up to today’s different standards and laws. In this chapter of the book, they discuss many important people who deal with this. Lincoln Steffen’s talked about all the corruption going on in the city and he  pointed it out to the country that businessmen were not being very loyal and he made sure everyone knew.

But to me, the most important person dealing with all this would have to be Upton Sinclair. Sinclair made it a point to draw everyone’s attention to the terrible food and drug problems that were facing this country. People were eating food that is terrible for you and could make you sick or even could kill you. Not only that but their were drugs that were given out at the time that was said to cure cancer and other outrageous things that we know today is not true. People bought into  it and people got sick by taking these medications. Sinclair made it a point to publish this to the world and when the president found out about this he sent over people to make sure this was true and sure enough it was.

I think the muckrakers were doing objective work in the public’s interest because the public deserved to know the truth and deserved to know what could be killing them. I think as fair as the modern code of ethics for journalist, they could have gone about it a little bit different but overall I thought they followed it well and were doing this for the people. That is the main point in this. This time period demanded that people needed to know the truth in order to survive. They needed to know what people working for the city was really doing and if it was not for these brave journalists, I don’t think they would have ever found out the truth.