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Lincoln Financial Field

It’s that time of year again. Smiles are growing for all sports fans. That beautiful smell you get when you’re walking by that perfect grass. You finally see all the tailgaters whom you saw last year. For many people, it’s Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year:  That second week in September. The NFL season begins and all the diehard fans are back to the stadium. For me, I would not want to be anywhere else but Lincoln Financial Field. For me, an NFL stadium has to meet a certain criteria. The food has to be perfect football food. The stadium needs to have a beautiful field, and no matter where your seat is, it shouldn’t be considered a ‘bad seat in the house’. Finally, the stadium has to be filled with fans who will show how loyal they really are.

Lincoln Financial Field, better known to fans as “The Linc”, is the home of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Every year I take at least three trips down to the city of brother lee love and enjoy the Philadelphia Eagles.  This year, on September 25th, I watched the Eagles lose to the Giants. It was a mess of a game but, I always love going to the Linc.  I have been going here for the past ten years and it has been great and I have created many different memories. The stadium opened on August 3rd, 2003, after two years of construction that began on May 7th, 2001. ( The stadium replaced Veterans Stadium as the Eagles’ home stadium. While its total capacity barely changed, the new stadium contains double the number of luxury and wheelchair-accessible seats, along with more modern services. It has a seating capacity of 68,532 (69,144 with Standing Room Only tickets). It is located in South Philadelphia on Pattison Avenue between 11th and 10th streets. (

To me, the stadium itself is just a small portion of the whole experience. The first thing you smell as you park your car and step out is all the great food that is cooking from all the loyal tailgaters. I have met people who have traveled across the country to just be outside and tailgate. I smell hot dogs and burgers and steak and beer. The smell of sweet BBQ cooked food really gets me hungry. Its just everything a great fan loves. This meets my criteria of great food. Philly fans love their food!

When you look up, the first thing that catches your eye is the stadium. You see the flag high above with the Eagles logo on it and you know you’re in eagle land. You see all the great vehicles people are driving, many people are driving buses that they bought and have now covered it and painted it with the Eagles colors and logos. It’s pretty remarkable. This showcases all the dedication and fan loyalty that I was looking for. When you’re still in the parking lot, you hear all the people talking and you hear radios and music blaring as people are getting pumped up for game time. To me, the main thing that stands out is everyone is so nice and people look out for each other here. If someone walks up and needs a hand and they are wearing an eagle’s jersey, you help them. That’s just the way it goes. The criteria for tailgating and loyalty is at top-notch when it comes to Philadelphia and it has been met.

The best part of the whole day is that first sight of the field. You wait in line at the gates and everyone is just trying to get in. Finally, they open the doors and let us in. You walk up these long steps. Almost like the steps you see Rocky run on in his movies. As you finally get to the top, I almost have tears in my eyes. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The field is so perfect with the grass perfectly cut and the smell that you get from the grass just makes you want to stand there and take it in.Another aspect of my needs is met. The beautiful field is something that I will never forget.

As you start to walk around inside the stadium, you begin to smell all the great food that is cooking for the fans. You see all the great merchandise all over the stadium. Jerseys and shirts and posters and hats. Everything a fan would want to buy. As time grows near to kickoff, you begin to walk towards your seats. On the way there I see  legends on the wall like  Donovan McNabb, Randall Cunningham, Brian Westbrooke, and Brian Dawkins. These are pictures of legends and below all the pictures has a nice quote for each picture. I can remember just standing there staring at all these pictures, remembering all these great players. It was a moment I will never forget.

Walking up the stadium to my seats, all you see is so many different eagles logos all over the walls and just so many nice images. I expected just something simple, but the field really has that special vibe to it that makes it an elite stadium. When I finally reach my seats, the rows are on an angle so no matter how high you are, you can see everything perfect. This was just another thing that makes coming here a pleasure. Another criteria is met. There is really not a bad seat in the house. You can enjoy the game no matter where your seats are. I can’t afford to sit in the lower section but, I always know there is not a bad seat in the house. When you look up, you see all the bright lights shining down. To the side is the huge tron which is show casing all different warm up videos for us to watch and if we ever miss anything on the field, we can use the huge screen to see it.

Lincoln Financial field is a great place. Many memories have been made there for me and I hope there will be many more to come.  This might not be the biggest stadium or the most expensive for an NFL franchise but, this place is like heaven for me and many other loyal fans. Everything here is so nice and the people are what make this place great. I feel this stadium meets all my criteria that are needed for a football stadium to be great. The Linc will forever be a second home to me. Fly Eagles Fly!

Local News

Since I just moved here in September and really know nothing about South Florida yet, I will do this writing on my home town. Mexico New York. I grew up in a small town outside of Syracuse. The main attraction in this town is the local grocery store and McDonald’s. Here is a little information about the town that I got from Wikipedia. “Mexico is a town in the northeast part of Oswego County, New York, United States. The population was 5,181 at the 2000 census.The town contains a village, also called Mexico. NY 104 Main Street passes through the village. NY 69 passes through the town of Mexico and comes to an end in the village, where it intersects with NY 104. US Route 11 also passes through the town.”

If I was going to be covering something in such a small town like this I think I would make my focus on what the teenagers like to do after school. The high school that I attended is located right in the middle of town and for the most part, once school ends for the day the students like to all hang out outside of school. When I was still in school, most people would either all go to the local community park and hang out or when winter came most students would go to a local ice cream shop and hangout there for a few hours. The problem now is that both places were now closed down. The town park was bought by some major company and the ice cream shop is no longer in business. This also generates problems for everyone.

With students now not having anywhere to go, it seems like more teens around Mexico are getting  into drugs. It seems like kids just go to anyone’s house to hang out or they just like to walk the streets and in a small town that’s not a bad thing but, at times you run into some other students or adults who do drugs and one thing leads to another. Since I left high school, more and more students

are smoking weed and cigarettes much more than they were back in 2007. My story would focus on some of the better ways for teens in this small town to not only be able to have a fun and safe place to go after school but to be able to make the right decisions.

To understand where I am coming from, my mother works in the high school and the number of students who are getting suspended in school for having drugs in their locker or for being caught smoking has gone up. Students are also being arrested for possession of the drugs and are facing severe consequences. I really think that if the students had a place to go after school and spend their free time, I think it could help these students make better decisions.

Reporting Back In The Day….

Reporting is something that is done everyday for many different things all over the world. This day in age there are so many different reporters and there are so many different ways to report. There is the internet, TV, newspapers, magazines, and many other different ways out there for people to get their news. Today’s ways of reporting is a lot different from back in the 1830s. The 1830s was an important time for reporting and it produced stuff that will never be forgotten and the affected how reporting is produced today.

When most people think about the 1830s and news reporting, the famous penny press papers come to mind. In 1833, the Penny Press became a phenomenon in New York City where Benjamin Day, the publisher of the New York Sun, used new technologies, increased ad revenues and clever editorial choices to create the first newspaper specifically designed for the common man and woman. The penny press papers grew as another option to the regular standard papers that were out and they were cheaper, being only a penny. The penny press papers really made the lower classes able to afford this and understand what news was going on instead of just the upper class people being able to get the daily insight from all over the nation. Not only did it attract a new audience, it generated different ideas. The penny press wanted to pay more attention to local stories and concentrate more on things going on in that town rather than just national news. The people who bought these papers were more interested in crimes and police stories than other softer type of story.  While other papers had to relay on subscriptions for money, the penny press would have advertisements and that’s where they would get most of their revenue from. This is what really started that whole era that we are use  to today with ads. Mr. Benjamin H. Day said this on top of his paper. “The object of this paper is to lay before the public, at a price within the means of every one, all the news of the day, and at the same time offer an advantageous medium for advertisements.” ( The penny press would eventually go on to cover its first war. They soon found their perfect subject in the U.S.-Mexican War, and the war became the first to be covered widely in newspapers. Many editorial writers of the Penny Press, including Brooklyn Eagle and editor Walt Whitman, used
their newspapers as soapboxes to drum up support for the war.

Edgar Allan Poe  is one of the most famous writers in the 1800s. American writer, poet, editor and literary critic, maybe considered the guy to really take the  American Romantic Movement to the next level. Best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre, Poe was one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story and is considered the inventor of the detective-fiction genre. Some would say that he was a weird man. His writings were very different from others and he ended up marrying his cousin. A very controversial figure, Poe has been the subject of much speculative analysis. Generally, his biographers conclude that his instability as a person was in part due to the pressure of being a journalist. He brought many different ideas to the table. I think the life he lived effected his writings and had an effect on how he was as a whole. His father randomly left and he went threw many different points in life where he would experience being poor. The man really had hard times in his life and threw his writings I think everyone could see deep down that he was in pain.

When thinking about Edgar Allan Poe and how his ideas really went with reporting, I think Poes ideas did affect reporting at that time period. In the 1800s, as I said above, people were sick of the same old stuff and wanted something different. People wanted to hear about crime or about the cops. They wanted drama and I believe  Poe may have helped bring that side more to reporting in the 1800s. “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,”
Published in April 1841, this story featured Auguste C. Dupin, the first-ever fictional detective. Poe’s “tale of rationation,” as he termed it, inaugurated one of the most popular and entertaining forms of fiction ever conceived. The story is about a double murder which takes place in the streets of Paris. The story surrounds the baffling double murder of Madame L’Espanaye and her daughter in the Rue Morgue. This story goes on to really try and solve this case and many people praise this story as being one of its first of its kind. Upon its release, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” and its author were praised for the creation of a new profound novelty. The Pennsylvania Inquirer printed that “it proves Mr. Poe to be a man of genius… with an inventive power and skill, of which we know no parallel.” I really think the stories like these went on to help the reporting world to go out and find more stories like this and to publish these stories to the public because this is what they really wanted.

School Shooting.

It really is a shame that we have to discuss something like this but in our society, anything can happen. A school shooting is very serious and unfortunately, does happen on different occasions. The pain something like this can cause a family is beyond imaginable.  A school shooting is a very dramatic event and it can have a long lasting effect on everyone who is involved in it.

Another key aspect to something like this is how the media goes about portraying this type of matter. The media has a chance to play it off as a huge deal or downplay i and not make such a big deal, even when it is a HUGE deal. I think that if I was in charge of a paper and had to decide if I wanted to make this a big deal,  I without a doubt would. Not only would I do my best to get every small key detail in the matter, but I would make sure I give everyone that lasting picture in their head so they understand that this is a  big deal.

Thinking about putting a picture of a bloody victim on the front page of the paper sounds really bad and does seem like it is a little to much but I don’t. I think that putting it right on the front page  grabs the readers attention  and something like that would give people that image. I understand that children may see this horrible image and there are lots of people who would not want to see such a violent picture but I think if some young people see this then maybe they will take it serious and understand that these sort of things do really happen. Maybe these graphic pictures will prevent such a bad thing from happening. Maybe teens or whomever is thinking about doing something like this will see the huge affect it has on everyone  and it will prevent him or her from doing such a bad crime.

Another reason why I would put a picture like that up on a front page is because it would be my job. My job as the reporter or whatever my job is at this paper company is to give the best news I can and make sure I supply the best of everything. I am competing with other paper outlets and with online papers and I know I have to make sure I so my best in order to be the best I can and supply the best paper to everyone, even if it is a little bit sketchy to some but it will keep the would talking.

HIV Part 2

The 2nd part of this video was more about the facts and was  more about getting the information that you should know already about HIV. I have never met anyone who was infected with HIV but I know that if I had it, my life would turn upside down and I am not really sure how I would even handle it. I think the lady in the movie showed you that by accepting the fact that you have it, and you should try to live life to the fullest because you never know how long you will be around for.

She not only showed that the best way to handle it, but there is a way to sort of beat it. While there is no cure obviously, she was told she had a year left to live and I think its been 17 years since and she is still plugging away fine and still living strong. To me, that should bring hope to others. Just because you have the disease does not mean you will die ASAP. You can battle it. She said that it’s not about the quantity of life but it’s about the Quality. I think that says it all. Brings treas to my eyes.

Another thing I came to realize was that many people didn’t know much about HIV. I don’t know if the school districts failed to teach the students the right information but,a lot of people did not know much. As the Q and A went on, it seemed as if more and more people got involved and really started to care. Getting tested is what it’s all about and you can’t just trust your sexual partner. You have to look out for yourself and make sure you don’t have HIV.

HIV, a True Killer

Ever since I can remember, I have always known that HIV is something serious and in the long run can end up killing you. I remember learning about it in middle school and a little bit more in high school. I was showed different movies about it and I feel that since I still remember all this at age 22, then I think the NY school district did a really good job in getting that into my head. So, I have always had a pretty good mindset on HIV. But this video that i watched in class gave me a lot more insight on this.

I never knew any statistics to HIV or anything dealing with South Florida since I just moved here but, finding out that Miami has the highest rate of HIV really says a lot. It really shows that people have to be extra careful all the time and you can’t trust anybody.It also tells me that either some people are just dumb or they just don’t care to take precaution and in the long run screw themselves because they are not careful enough.

Seeing some people going to South Africa and be able to see all this mess going on over there dealing with HIV is something that I think had to be done. Seeing many people over there suffer with HIV is a way for people here to understand that it could be a lot worse and it could still get worse if we don’t take percussion on this. When I saw how happy that mother was knowing that her child did not have HIV, it just shows how important it is.

It seems like more younger women are affected than younger men. I think women have to try a lot harder and not give into an older guy to have sex with him. I personally don’t understand how  certain people can just ask someone if they are HIV positive and when they say “no”, then your just good with that. Not everyone is going to tell the truth and you got to go beyond just asking that question. Put forth more effort. There is  a lot of scumbags out there who don’t care about infecting people with HIV and another obvious thing, just wear a condom. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.