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School Shooting.



It really is a shame that we have to discuss something like this but in our society, anything can happen. A school shooting is very serious and unfortunately, does happen on different occasions. The pain something like this can cause a family is beyond imaginable.  A school shooting is a very dramatic event and it can have a long lasting effect on everyone who is involved in it.

Another key aspect to something like this is how the media goes about portraying this type of matter. The media has a chance to play it off as a huge deal or downplay i and not make such a big deal, even when it is a HUGE deal. I think that if I was in charge of a paper and had to decide if I wanted to make this a big deal,  I without a doubt would. Not only would I do my best to get every small key detail in the matter, but I would make sure I give everyone that lasting picture in their head so they understand that this is a  big deal.

Thinking about putting a picture of a bloody victim on the front page of the paper sounds really bad and does seem like it is a little to much but I don’t. I think that putting it right on the front page  grabs the readers attention  and something like that would give people that image. I understand that children may see this horrible image and there are lots of people who would not want to see such a violent picture but I think if some young people see this then maybe they will take it serious and understand that these sort of things do really happen. Maybe these graphic pictures will prevent such a bad thing from happening. Maybe teens or whomever is thinking about doing something like this will see the huge affect it has on everyone  and it will prevent him or her from doing such a bad crime.

Another reason why I would put a picture like that up on a front page is because it would be my job. My job as the reporter or whatever my job is at this paper company is to give the best news I can and make sure I supply the best of everything. I am competing with other paper outlets and with online papers and I know I have to make sure I so my best in order to be the best I can and supply the best paper to everyone, even if it is a little bit sketchy to some but it will keep the would talking.


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